Mapping cases of Covid-19 in Indigenous communities across Canada is vital to be able to analyze the spread of the virus, and understand how this pandemic disproportionately affects populations. In Canada, gathering race based data only began in May, in the province of Manitoba, leading to underreported and misrepresented cases in the media. Indigenous communities have a right to know what is happening in their community, and this data is important for them to be able to respond efficiently and effectively to the pandemic. We have been using various news sources to gather information on reported cases in Indigenous communities, and mapping this data, in an effort to provide this vital information. Although this list is not exhaustive, we hope to continue to be able to gather this information to the best of our ability, and share it so that communities are able to make well informed decisions to protect themselves, and their neighbours.

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Source: Indigenous Services Canada

Canadian Case Data Explorer

provided by ESRI Canada

The map reports the COVID-19 Case Counts by Province and (where reported) by the respective Provincial Health Regions. Other demographic data reflect the 2019 Population Estimates provided by Environics Analytics.

Please note that Case locations are an approximation and thus, may contain errors.