Are you a member of an Indigenous community or organization?

Are you looking for funds to support community programmes regarding the environment, food, or health and wellbeing?

This hands-on, practical workshop is for Indigenous community members and Indigenous organizations interested in learning how to apply for funding to further their own goals for their community, in line with their community’s own unique needs and strengths. Participants will have the opportunity to refine their proposal writing skills by working with successful funding applicants.

By the end of this workshop series, participants will have learned how to apply for funding and will have submitted a real-world funding application. The workshops will walk participants through developing and submitting an application to one of two different funding programs—so come with an idea you’d like to develop! Choose between the Indigenous Guardians Pilot Program or the Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund (or do both!)

The Indigenous Guardians program empower communities to manage ancestral lands according to traditional laws and values. This is a government funded grant program, with an annual application deadline, this year on November 30th.

The Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund is a non-government, Indigenous-led effort that works to respond to urgent community needs while taking a long-term view on building community resilience. They have an open ended application deadline.

Session 1 Part 1 - Learn how to find and fill out grant applications

Session 2 - How to apply for government and non-government funding

Session 1 Part 2 - Learn how to find and fill out grant applications

Session 3 - Do’s and Don'ts of Funding Applications