A Conversation on Land Based Education

On May 14th, we hosted our first webinar, and needless to say it was a success. People tuned in for a panel discussion on the importance of land based education now and into the future.

Our panel hosted 6 Indigenous land based educators, ranging from community members to academics. Our featured panelists were Dr. Alex Wilson, Nicki Ferland, Dylan Kensick, Taylor Galvin, Omar Constant and Crystal Sinclair. They shared with us the many experiences that they have faced as land based educators, and how they have been working to adapt their resources for youth during a time of social isolation. They also touched on some of the challenges of land based education, like ensuring that their knowledge and teachings do not become plagiarized by schools or governments, and the often difficult incorporation of westernized institutions into Indigenous learning spaces. They shared their perspectives on language and the role it plays in learning from the land as well.

Resources mentioned during the webinar:

VIOLENCE ON THE LAND, VIOLENCE ON OUR BODIES Building an Indigenous Response to Environmental Violence Toolkit:

More information on the Land and Water: Land Based Education Program

Check out this article on urban land based education: Muskrat theories, tobacco in the streets, and living in Chicago as Indigenous land 

University of Saskatchewan Indigenous Land-based MEd Concentration

Indigenous Land-based Ed Jedi Academy

To get the tool kits Dylan and Taylor are working on, you can email them at info@landlearning.ca . The toolkits will be available in July, 2020. More about the camps they run can also be found at https://landlearning.ca/

Taylor’s podcast, Akiiwaan (It is the land, the earth) focuses on Indigenous environmental injustices and issues, and includes traditional ecological knowledge and land-based learning. Check it out, with new episodes the 15th and 30th of every month

Keep your eyes peeled for Nicki Ferland’s chapter coming out in a new book very soon:
Ferland, N. (2020). Kishkeetamawin li tereen oschi: Urban land-based learning as a remembering and reclaiming of place. In L. Forsythe and J. Markides (Eds.), Walking Together in Indigenous Research. Dio Press Inc.

A Conversation on Indigenous Food Sovereignty

Our second webinar featured 4 panelists of academics and community members. Our featured panelists were Dawn Morrison, Dr. Asfia Kamal, Dr. Priscilla Settee and Tabitha Martens.

Some of the things they discussed include the importance of dismantling structural racism in the food system, how Covid-19 speaks to the inequities of our broken food system, and how intertwined the social and environmental implications of food are for Indigenous peoples. They shared personal experiences and anecdotes as well, which made for a very lively and informative discussion. Be sure to watch it, and check out some of the resources they have provided as well.

A Conversation on Hydropower and Indigenous Territories

Our third webinar featured four panelists who have faced the first hand and direct impacts of hydroelectric development on their Indigenous territory. Our featured panelists were Maira Oliva Ríos, Shannon Chief, Nathan Neckoway and Willard Napash.

They shared their experience as land protecters in their communities, the history and unique challenges their communities have faced due to energy development projects, and some of the ways they have been adapting their fight during the pandemic. They also shared stories of resilience, and ways that their communities are finding space and amplifying their voices, both during the pandemic and prior to it. Be sure to watch it, and check out some of the resources they have provided as well.