The Our Data Indigenous App is a one of a kind app to to gather secure and independent data. In the name of data and research sovereignty, the app is versatile and adaptable to meet the needs of any community looking to collect their own data.

Developing a Digital App

The Our Data Indigenous app was developed in response to the pandemic to address issues of access to timely and relevant data

From many conversations with our partners and community members, a reoccurring theme was that accessing data in a timely manner to make informed decision for the community was a challenge. Through collaboration with Indigenous partners, and our Advisory Council, we were able to develop an application to address these issues, with the goal of helping Indigenous communities collect their own data that reflects local priorities that may relate to health, culture, environment or language.

It was vital that the data be owned and kept in the community, so the Our Data Indigenous app is grounded in principles of OCAP and data sovereignty, and can easily be adapted to meet the needs and priorities of any community. 

Using the App

The Our Data Indigenous app utilizes surveys to collect real time data, determined by the needs of a community. Some ways that the app is currently being used include:

  • Monitoring community health and wellbeing
  • Environmental monitoring and data collection
  • Cultural preservation
  • Language revitalization and preservation
  • Program Evaluation
  • Community Feedback
  • Voting (for on and off reserve members)
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Land Surveys
  • Land-based Learning
  • And much more!

Get Involved

We are currently working with numerous communities across Canada and in Puerto Rico, and are interested in collaborating with Indigenous Communities around the world. We welcome the involvement of any community who wishes to find out more or wants to actively utilize the Our Data Indigenous App.